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3 Really Good Reasons To Still Send Invitations

In a world of e-vites and Facebook group chats, it can be easy to forget what actual invitations feel like. Sure, you're likely to still see a greeting card design in digital format via email or Facebook, with perhaps a photo attached. But none of these compare to receiving an actual invitation the mail.

That feeling of excitement, anticipation and joy simply can't be replicated through screens. Let's break down 3 really good reasons why, and why it's still important to send invitations through the mail.

  • Invitations offer your guests something to keep forever. A beautiful memory to go with a wonderful moment and/or experience. We often still send invitations for Weddings, so why not for birthdays, special events and more? Weddings aren't the only special day we want to keep in our hearts forever. Invitations offer a touching way to remember the event and to revisit later in life.
  • Invitations sent through the mail also allow you to include all the necessary details in one (eye-pleasing) form. From directions, dress attire, time, date and location - invitations through the mail are a much easier way of communicating this information effectively for your guests. You can pack a lot of specifics into a beautiful card design, as opposed to a long list if details in a Facebook invite that's not as effective for guests.
  • From Halloween parties, Thanksgiving and the New Years - to birthdays, Retirement parties and special events, invitations offer the perfect way to set the tone for your event. The design is not just about pretty colors or birthday balloons. It offers a way for hosts to set the overall ambience and theme for an event. If you're having a black-tie dinner, you're invitation will reflect that aesthetic.

At CardCraft we offer postcard bundles, a wonderfully efficient and unique way to make sending invitations a little easier. No envelope necessary, easy-add lines for addresses and extra space on the back of the postcard for a personal note. There's no wrong way to create invitations, be creative and think outside the box. The more unique, the better.


Whether you're gathering loved ones for Friendsgiving this year or putting together a holiday party with colleagues, invitations sent through the mail (or handed directly to invitee) are simply the way to go. It's been a long couple of years keeping ourselves distant and disconnected. Let personal invitations help bring you closer to the ones you love this season.

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