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Five cards you always need to have on hand

Life happens fast and we don’t always have time to prepare gifts for all of our joyous occasions that pop-up. Sometimes it feels like there is an event every weekend! So why not make it easy on yourself and prepare in advance? Stock up on these five cards that you will always need year-round. 

Thank you- Thank you cards are the most important, most useful and possibly most underrated cards in your collection. Not only are they important for gift receiving but are also an extra personal touch when you want to make a memorable impact on someone. Some important thank you card events include but are not limited to: interviewing, babysitting or pet setting, acts of kindness, buying or selling a house, exceptional customer service, Teacher’s Day, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, and Labor Day. 

Congratulations- There’s a lot to celebrate in life! The little wins are just as important as the big wins. From a new job, to a new home, send love with a congratulations card to those around you to let them know you’re cheering them on. A little encouragement goes a long way. 

Generic Birthday- No matter what time of the year it is, it’s always someone’s birthday. And while sometimes you might not be able to make it to their celebration, you can always send a card. See our birthday cards to choose your favorites. 

Wedding- Wedding cards are non-negotiable. If you’re attending a wedding or have been invited to one, you need a wedding card. Additionally, you may need a card for a wedding shower. And if it’s your own wedding, you will need save-the-date cards, invites and those thank you cards mentioned above!

Thinking of you- Sometimes it’s nice to send a card just because someone needs a little extra love. Keep the sparks alive long distance, let a friend know they're not alone, or let family know that they can get through this. Text messages and phone calls are harder to save, give them something they can hold onto. Shop our thinking of you cards to make their day. 

Having a card collection ready to go truly is a time and stress saver. This is why CardCraft offers a variety of cards in bundle packs as well. You can browse our bundles and create your own to ensure you have the perfect card collection for your life and those in it. Happy celebrating! 

How To Add Your Summer Spotify Playlist To A Card Using A Spotify Code

Have you always wanted to send a summer playlist to a friend in a greeting card, but you didn’t know how to do it? We will show you step-by-step how you can add a custom Spotify playlist to a card for the card receiver to listen to. You can add a song or even a whole playlist! This is perfect to make for anyone who is a music lover (I mean who isn’t?)!

Picking the Music

The first step is to pick out the music you want to add to your card. Whether it’s a birthday card, a pool party invitation, or a graduation party invitation, the right mood for your songs should be kept in mind. Here are some of our suggestions of songs you can include for different occasions:

BIRTHDAY: Birthday by Katy Perry

SUMMER PARTY: Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato

GRADUATION: Good Old Days by Macklemore (ft. Kesha)


FOURTH OF JULY: Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen

You could even make a whole playlist dedicated to someone. Here are some ideas and inspiration from these premade playlists: 

LOVE: Timeless Love Songs Playlist

SUMMER: Songs of Summer Playlist

BIRTHDAY: Happy Birthday Playlist

PARTY INVITATION: Party Songs Playlist

THINKING OF YOU: Thinking of You Playlist

Creating the Spotify Code

Now that you have picked your song or created your Spotify playlist, it’s time to add the music to your card. Whether you are sending a digital card or mailing a handwritten card, this step-by-step process will work for any card format. Spotify has a site where you can create “codes” for any song or playlist that is on Spotify. 

When you go to the site:

  1. Copy and paste the link to the song into the search bar and hit “GET SPOTIFY CODE.”
  2. You can then customize your code by changing the background color, bar color, size, and format.
  3. Then, you can download the code in the specific format you chose straight to your computer. 

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Test your code before downloading.
  • Make sure it’s the size that you want. 
  • Spotify codes must have a rectangle shape. If you don’t keep it as a rectangle, then the code may not work. 

Adding the Code to the Card

add your Spotify playlist to a card

Now that you have designed the code and downloaded it, it’s time to add it to your card.


For a digital card, all you have to do is customize it with the code on it. We suggest putting it either at the bottom of the cover of the card or inside the card. When customizing your card, add the image you downloaded to where you would like it. Then, print and mail or email the card to whoever you want.


For either format, you will need a printer, scissors, and glue. All you have to do is print out the code in the size that you want. Then, cut out the code and paste it where you want it on the card. It’s that simple! 

How to Scan the Code

In order to have the receiving person scan the code, they or someone they know must have the Spotify app on their phone or tablet. If it is a digital card, the receiver can save the image to their device or scan the code through their computer. 

When you open the app:

  1. Tap “SEARCH.”
  2. Tap the camera icon in the upper right-hand corner. 
  3. Tap “SCAN.”
  4. Give the app permission to use the camera on your device if you haven’t already done so. 
  5. Point your camera at the Spotify code or select from your photos and pick the Spotify code image. It should send you directly to the song or playlist. 

We hope that you enjoyed learning about how you can add a custom Spotify code to your cards. It’s a really fun and interactive add-on to a card for more personalization. It gives the card a little extra love. Have fun creating your playlists and codes!

How to Write a Card They Will Love

Do you struggle with writing cards to family, friends, or co-workers? Not everyone can be Shakespeare, and that’s okay! Sometimes, getting inspired to write is the hardest part. Read on for tips and tricks to get started and make writing easier if you find it difficult. These tips are for anyone of any writing skill or level. Let’s get to creating!

Preparing to Write

Getting in the right physical and mental space is the best way to start writing. It could be with a cup of tea, after the kids have gone to bed, outside on your deck, at your desk in your home office, or anywhere you can find some time in quiet reflection for writing. Having a quiet space will allow you to really write out how you feel in the card. 

You can use a variety of supplies to create a card the receiving person will love. Here are some examples/ideas:

  • Colored Pens/Pencils
  • Stickers/Washi Tape
  • Markers/Scissors/Tape/Glue
  • Photos of you and the receiving person

There are so many things you can use to make your card special. It’s all up to you how you want to design and write it. You can also choose to write the card first, or you could just start designing to get the inspiration flowing. 

If you haven’t already, get some stamps. If you don’t live near a post office, you can order them online from USPS or Amazon, or pick them up at a local grocery or convenience store. 

Writing in the Card

As mentioned before, writing can come more naturally to others, so we hope you find the tips below helpful to inspire and motivate you:

  • Address the person you are writing to with “Dear (insert name here)” or “Hi/Hello (insert name here)”.
  • State why you are writing this card if it makes sense to.
  • Add compliments, express gratitude, and show your love with words of affirmation. 
  • Feel free to add a little reminder of why the person you are writing to matters. You could say “You always make me smile,” “I care about you very much,” or “I love you.”
  • Finish the card strongly. You could close the card with “Sincerely,” “Yours Truly,” “Love,” or “Best,” and sign your name.

Just remember that this is your way of expressing love, gratitude, sorrow, or congratulations to the person you are writing to. Therefore, be sure to get as descriptive and meaningful as you want.

expressing love

Adding Designs to the Card and Envelope

Adding decorative pieces or designs to a card and the envelope can make the card so much more personalized. It’s a great way to show the person you are writing to that they matter to you. Gather up the supplies mentioned before and really let your creativity flow. You can collage the pictures of the two of you together. You can doodle in some designs that go with the theme of the card. You could even add some calligraphy to the cover. Really take the time to design a card that expresses your love.

birthday card design

Final Tips

Here are some final tips to help you write and design your card:

  • Pinterest is a great resource to use for ideas and inspiration for what to put on the cover of the card, in the card, or even envelope designs
  • YouTube is also a great place to look up videos for even more tips on how to write the card or even some things to doodle on the card itself. 
  • CardCraft is a great tool to use if you prefer to purchase a card, but still want that personal touch.

The whole internet in general is a great resource to find the ideas/inspiration you need to create your next beautiful card. We hope these tips help you get your creative juices flowing! Happy cardmaking!

Fun ways to keep and reuse your greeting cards

Whether it’s a graduation, divorce party, or new home, life always has something to celebrate. Which means many of us are collecting and sending greeting cards like text messages. We save our cards because of the special memories, meaningful messages, and the beautiful designs. But if you too are running out of storage boxes under the bed, here are five fresh ideas on how to preserve or repurpose the greeting cards you love.  


Card album 

If you want to save your cards as they are, consider creating an album to keep organized. All you need is some book rings and a hole punch. Then you can get creative with designing a front and back cover. Another option is to purchase a photo album and display your cards behind the safety of the plastic sleeves.  


Crafting paper  

If you’re okay with deconstructing old cards, you can create new scrapbooking materials instead of spending paychecks at Michaels. Many of the paper designs and attachments are great as scrapbooking backgrounds and stickers. You can even use them to make a whole new card for someone.  


Gift Tags  

Why buy gift tags when you can make them in minutes? Thicker card paper can make a great personal addition to a gift as a unique tag or decorative add-on.  


Fun collages  

With all the inspiring quotes and funny images that come our way in greeting cards, there is no shortage of collage content. So utilize it to create your next mood board, vision board, or framed wall art.  


Gift Boxes 

Use the card paper as a wrapping paper on small DIY gift boxes. This is a great way to customize wrapping for small gifts like jewelry and gift cards.  

To share your saved or repurposed greeting card creations, tag us on Instagram at @cardcraftus and #cardcraft. If you have another crafty idea we should include, email us at Happy crafting! 

What is your Enneagram’s favorite holiday to celebrate?

People are always interested in learning more about themselves. The Enneagram Personality test has become impossible to avoid as it is all over social media, the workplace and magazines. Let’s find out together what your favorite holiday is based on your Enneagram.

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8 Reasons To Send Halloween Greeting Cards

Why Send A Halloween Card?

1. Because I love Halloween

Are you tired of 2020? Have you wished all year to be in someone else’s shoes? Do you want to be Dorthy and click your glitter slippers to be in a different year? Well, we cannot precisely promise that, but greeting cards are a perfect way to add enjoyment to the one holiday a year where you can be someone else for a whole day. 

2. Frightening Keepsakes

Friends and family will have unforgettable memories to remind them of life’s special days. They will enjoy remembering the happiness of a year of celebrating the first holidays together, either as a couple or with a new baby. 

3. Halloween Anniversary 

Are you celebrating your anniversary on Halloween? Sending a card can be a fun addition to celebrating your day. As your collection of cards builds over the years of your marriage, they could even become part of your Halloween decor. 

4. Long-Distance Friends And Family

Living with a long-distance between family members and friends can be difficult. Sending Card Craft greeting cards or postcards can be a perfect way to show love and that your people are not far from your mind. It is a meaningful way to cross a physical distance when you cannot be there in person.

5. Tired Of Phone Calls

Do you want to stay in touch with friends or family, but the time difference and schedules just don’t seem to work? Consider sending a greeting card to let the particular person know that you are thinking of them. 

6. Halloween Is Your Friends Birthday

Millions of people get to celebrate Halloween and their birthday on the same day. You are already sending birthday cards. Often, if people have birthdays on holiday, they feel they have to skip celebrating one or the other on that day. Let that friend know it’s okay to celebrate double trouble on Halloween. 

7. Simply Celebrate

We want excuses to celebrate even when it isn’t 2020, which might make this the scariest Halloween yet. Taking the time to celebrate relieves stress, gives you a reason to be hospitable, and spend time with people. If you want to wow your guest, send a Card Craft Halloween card to those guests that couldn’t make it to the party to let them know what they missed.

8. It Is Unexpected

According to the New York Times receiving mail has been a massive form of being heard and answering the need for connection during this crazy year. So, while we mentioned above, it is excellent for easing the strain of long distances. Snail mail will not fail to brighten the day of residents in assisted living or the hospital, or as a surprise for someone in your home. 

CardCraft Halloween Cards

What To Write?

So, now that “the” card is perfect. How do you know what to write on your Halloween card? 

There are a few options for what to write. Let’s talk about a few of those and see if we can spark some creativity. 


If you already have your costume picked out, you can use that as your theme for your cards. Either write in your characters’ style or add particular words that an ogre, zombie, or Superhero would use. 


Using phrases like thinking of you, Happy Halloween, I hope you Halloween is full of scares and surprises can be a short and sweet way to let friends know you enjoy celebrating with them. 


Suppose you want to make your friends laugh. Add a joke or two.

  • “What do mummies listen to on Halloween? Wrap music.” 
  • “Why was the candied corn booed off the stage? Because all of his jokes were too corny.” 

A little creativity arriving in the mail can be an excellent addition to celebrating your favorite costumed holidays. Click here to find the perfect cards to scare your friends. 

CardCraft Halloween Cards

Happy Halloween from all of us at CardCraft! Have a Spooktacular Night!