8 Reasons To Send Halloween Greeting Cards

Why Send A Halloween Card?

1. Because I love Halloween

Are you tired of 2020? Have you wished all year to be in someone else’s shoes? Do you want to be Dorthy and click your glitter slippers to be in a different year? Well, we cannot precisely promise that, but greeting cards are a perfect way to add enjoyment to the one holiday a year where you can be someone else for a whole day. 

2. Frightening Keepsakes

Friends and family will have unforgettable memories to remind them of life’s special days. They will enjoy remembering the happiness of a year of celebrating the first holidays together, either as a couple or with a new baby. 

3. Halloween Anniversary 

Are you celebrating your anniversary on Halloween? Sending a card can be a fun addition to celebrating your day. As your collection of cards builds over the years of your marriage, they could even become part of your Halloween decor. 

4. Long-Distance Friends And Family

Living with a long-distance between family members and friends can be difficult. Sending Card Craft greeting cards or postcards can be a perfect way to show love and that your people are not far from your mind. It is a meaningful way to cross a physical distance when you cannot be there in person.

5. Tired Of Phone Calls

Do you want to stay in touch with friends or family, but the time difference and schedules just don’t seem to work? Consider sending a greeting card to let the particular person know that you are thinking of them. 

6. Halloween Is Your Friends Birthday

Millions of people get to celebrate Halloween and their birthday on the same day. You are already sending birthday cards. Often, if people have birthdays on holiday, they feel they have to skip celebrating one or the other on that day. Let that friend know it’s okay to celebrate double trouble on Halloween. 

7. Simply Celebrate

We want excuses to celebrate even when it isn’t 2020, which might make this the scariest Halloween yet. Taking the time to celebrate relieves stress, gives you a reason to be hospitable, and spend time with people. If you want to wow your guest, send a Card Craft Halloween card to those guests that couldn’t make it to the party to let them know what they missed.

8. It Is Unexpected

According to the New York Times receiving mail has been a massive form of being heard and answering the need for connection during this crazy year. So, while we mentioned above, it is excellent for easing the strain of long distances. Snail mail will not fail to brighten the day of residents in assisted living or the hospital, or as a surprise for someone in your home. 

CardCraft Halloween Cards

What To Write?

So, now that “the” card is perfect. How do you know what to write on your Halloween card? 

There are a few options for what to write. Let’s talk about a few of those and see if we can spark some creativity. 


If you already have your costume picked out, you can use that as your theme for your cards. Either write in your characters’ style or add particular words that an ogre, zombie, or Superhero would use. 


Using phrases like thinking of you, Happy Halloween, I hope you Halloween is full of scares and surprises can be a short and sweet way to let friends know you enjoy celebrating with them. 


Suppose you want to make your friends laugh. Add a joke or two.

  • “What do mummies listen to on Halloween? Wrap music.” 
  • “Why was the candied corn booed off the stage? Because all of his jokes were too corny.” 

A little creativity arriving in the mail can be an excellent addition to celebrating your favorite costumed holidays. Click here to find the perfect cards to scare your friends. 

CardCraft Halloween Cards

Happy Halloween from all of us at CardCraft! Have a Spooktacular Night!

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