Five cards you always need to have on hand

Five cards you always need to have on hand

Life happens fast and we don’t always have time to prepare gifts for all of our joyous occasions that pop-up. Sometimes it feels like there is an event every weekend! So why not make it easy on yourself and prepare in advance? Stock up on these five cards that you will always need year-round. 

Thank you- Thank you cards are the most important, most useful and possibly most underrated cards in your collection. Not only are they important for gift receiving but are also an extra personal touch when you want to make a memorable impact on someone. Some important thank you card events include but are not limited to: interviewing, babysitting or pet setting, acts of kindness, buying or selling a house, exceptional customer service, Teacher’s Day, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, and Labor Day. 

Congratulations- There’s a lot to celebrate in life! The little wins are just as important as the big wins. From a new job, to a new home, send love with a congratulations card to those around you to let them know you’re cheering them on. A little encouragement goes a long way. 

Generic Birthday- No matter what time of the year it is, it’s always someone’s birthday. And while sometimes you might not be able to make it to their celebration, you can always send a card. See our birthday cards to choose your favorites. 

Wedding- Wedding cards are non-negotiable. If you’re attending a wedding or have been invited to one, you need a wedding card. Additionally, you may need a card for a wedding shower. And if it’s your own wedding, you will need save-the-date cards, invites and those thank you cards mentioned above!

Thinking of you- Sometimes it’s nice to send a card just because someone needs a little extra love. Keep the sparks alive long distance, let a friend know they're not alone, or let family know that they can get through this. Text messages and phone calls are harder to save, give them something they can hold onto. Shop our thinking of you cards to make their day. 

Having a card collection ready to go truly is a time and stress saver. This is why CardCraft offers a variety of cards in bundle packs as well. You can browse our bundles and create your own to ensure you have the perfect card collection for your life and those in it. Happy celebrating! 
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