Fun ways to keep and reuse your greeting cards

Fun ways to keep and reuse your greeting cards

Whether it’s a graduation, divorce party, or new home, life always has something to celebrate. Which means many of us are collecting and sending greeting cards like text messages. We save our cards because of the special memories, meaningful messages, and the beautiful designs. But if you too are running out of storage boxes under the bed, here are five fresh ideas on how to preserve or repurpose the greeting cards you love.  


Card album 

If you want to save your cards as they are, consider creating an album to keep organized. All you need is some book rings and a hole punch. Then you can get creative with designing a front and back cover. Another option is to purchase a photo album and display your cards behind the safety of the plastic sleeves.  


Crafting paper  

If you’re okay with deconstructing old cards, you can create new scrapbooking materials instead of spending paychecks at Michaels. Many of the paper designs and attachments are great as scrapbooking backgrounds and stickers. You can even use them to make a whole new card for someone.  


Gift Tags  

Why buy gift tags when you can make them in minutes? Thicker card paper can make a great personal addition to a gift as a unique tag or decorative add-on.  


Fun collages  

With all the inspiring quotes and funny images that come our way in greeting cards, there is no shortage of collage content. So utilize it to create your next mood board, vision board, or framed wall art.  


Gift Boxes 

Use the card paper as a wrapping paper on small DIY gift boxes. This is a great way to customize wrapping for small gifts like jewelry and gift cards.  

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