How to Write a Card They Will Love

Do you struggle with writing cards to family, friends, or co-workers? Not everyone can be Shakespeare, and that’s okay! Sometimes, getting inspired to write is the hardest part. Read on for tips and tricks to get started and make writing easier if you find it difficult. These tips are for anyone of any writing skill or level. Let’s get to creating!

Preparing to Write

Getting in the right physical and mental space is the best way to start writing. It could be with a cup of tea, after the kids have gone to bed, outside on your deck, at your desk in your home office, or anywhere you can find some time in quiet reflection for writing. Having a quiet space will allow you to really write out how you feel in the card. 

You can use a variety of supplies to create a card the receiving person will love. Here are some examples/ideas:

  • Colored Pens/Pencils
  • Stickers/Washi Tape
  • Markers/Scissors/Tape/Glue
  • Photos of you and the receiving person

There are so many things you can use to make your card special. It’s all up to you how you want to design and write it. You can also choose to write the card first, or you could just start designing to get the inspiration flowing. 

If you haven’t already, get some stamps. If you don’t live near a post office, you can order them online from USPS or Amazon, or pick them up at a local grocery or convenience store. 

Writing in the Card

As mentioned before, writing can come more naturally to others, so we hope you find the tips below helpful to inspire and motivate you:

  • Address the person you are writing to with “Dear (insert name here)” or “Hi/Hello (insert name here)”.
  • State why you are writing this card if it makes sense to.
  • Add compliments, express gratitude, and show your love with words of affirmation. 
  • Feel free to add a little reminder of why the person you are writing to matters. You could say “You always make me smile,” “I care about you very much,” or “I love you.”
  • Finish the card strongly. You could close the card with “Sincerely,” “Yours Truly,” “Love,” or “Best,” and sign your name.

Just remember that this is your way of expressing love, gratitude, sorrow, or congratulations to the person you are writing to. Therefore, be sure to get as descriptive and meaningful as you want.

expressing love

Adding Designs to the Card and Envelope

Adding decorative pieces or designs to a card and the envelope can make the card so much more personalized. It’s a great way to show the person you are writing to that they matter to you. Gather up the supplies mentioned before and really let your creativity flow. You can collage the pictures of the two of you together. You can doodle in some designs that go with the theme of the card. You could even add some calligraphy to the cover. Really take the time to design a card that expresses your love.

birthday card design

Final Tips

Here are some final tips to help you write and design your card:

  • Pinterest is a great resource to use for ideas and inspiration for what to put on the cover of the card, in the card, or even envelope designs
  • YouTube is also a great place to look up videos for even more tips on how to write the card or even some things to doodle on the card itself. 
  • CardCraft is a great tool to use if you prefer to purchase a card, but still want that personal touch.

The whole internet in general is a great resource to find the ideas/inspiration you need to create your next beautiful card. We hope these tips help you get your creative juices flowing! Happy cardmaking!

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