What is your Enneagram’s favorite holiday to celebrate?

What is your Enneagram’s favorite holiday to celebrate?

People are always interested in learning more about themselves. The Enneagram Personality test has become impossible to avoid as it is all over social media, the workplace and magazines. An Enneagram Personality test is based on a nine-sided figure that represents the spectrum of the possible personality types you may be. It measures why you may do things, unlike other personality tests that try to describe what categories you fit in. Before reading this, you might want to take the quiz if you haven’t already.

Each Enneagram personality type has very specific characteristics about them. Let’s find out together what your favorite holiday is based on your Enneagram:


The Reformer type is rational. You are principled, purposeful, self controlled, and perfectionistic. The Reformer desires to be good, to have integrity, and to be balanced. Your favorite holiday to celebrate would be Thanksgiving because you can set the table with the fanciest name placers and decorations. The Reformer loves the act of showing gratitude to others and being so thankful for what you have. You would be the one to find an old family Thanksgiving recipe to recreate for your family to enjoy. 


The Helper is caring and generous. You are very much a people-pleaser and can be possessive. Because of your generous and kind nature, your favorite holiday would be Valentine’s Day. You thrive on giving back to others and showing your love to others. The Helper would be the one to go all out on the day of love and mail out valentines to all your friends and family. 


The Achiever is success-oriented and adaptive. You are excelling, driven, and very conscious of your image. You are so focused on your goals and what you can accomplish so your favorite holiday to celebrate is New Year’s Day. You would write down all of your goals and resolutions before the ball has even dropped! You would also have your whole year planned out and organized in your new planner. 


The Individualist is sensitive and dramatic. You are also expressive, self-absorbed, and can be temperamental. Your favorite holiday would be St. Patrick’s Day because of how expressive you can be with all the Irish and green attire! You would go all out wearing green clothing and be a party starter. 


The Investigator is intense and innovative. You are also perceptive, but secretive and isolated. Your favorite holiday would be Easter because you are the greatest at finding the most eggs in the egg hunt! Always ask the Investigator type to find the most difficult hiding spots. You might also be the one to hide the eggs in the best places. 


The Loyalist is committed and responsible, however you can be anxious and suspicious. Your favorite holiday would be April Fools Day because it’s your one day a year to get back at your friends and family. People should be super cautious around you during this time! You would plan out the most outrageous prank on your friends and family that it would be a moment to remember!


The Enthusiast is busy and scattered. You are spontaneous, versatile, and distractible.  Because of your busy-beeness, your favorite holiday would be Christmas. Setting up decorations, wrapping presents, and getting into the holiday cheer is perfect for the Enthusiast and your high energy! You would be the one to blast and sing along to Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving!


The Challenger is powerful, dominating, and confrontational. You are very willful and confident. Because of your powerful presence, your favorite holiday would be the Fourth of July. You are explosive, however with your confidence you can be as bright as fireworks! You would go to the fireworks show and go on the craziest and wildest rides at the carnival. 


The Peacemaker is easygoing and agreeable. You are very receptive and reassuring. Your favorite holiday would be Father’s/Mother’s Day because of how gentle and patient you are. Family is everything to the Peacemaker. You would give back to your mom or dad in the most sentimental and caring ways or you as a mom or dad would be the one to be blessed on Mother’s/Father’s Day with the kindness and love from your children. 

Take a look at all of our cards here to get cards for your favorite holiday! We understand that you may have a different favorite holiday, however, than what is based on your Enneagram. Whether your favorite holiday is soon, far away, or passed, we hope you enjoy it!
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