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About Us

Damola 'D' Omotosho Founder

CardCraft - Send The Love

At CardCraft, we believe in the power of connection and the impact of the tangible, written word. In a world so willing to compromise authentic interactions for digital convenience, we celebrate the opportunity to create the little moments that mean more.
We believe meaningful messages are part of the stuff of life. Encouragement, a loving word, and celebrations along with condolences shouldn’t be difficult to send. Knowing we are loved can help us through easy and challenging times.

We Help You Send Love

CardCraft greet cards and postcards get printed with beautiful original designs from our artists. You choose the card design that speaks to you and type out your message, and we will take care of the rest. Robbie loves writing beautiful notes to the people you love, so your hand doesn’t get tired and sore from all those addresses. 
Stamps, we knew remembering to buy them is hard.  We removed several steps, including having to purchase stamps and waiting in line at the post office.  We made a system that offers fantastic customer service. Yes, the kind that is worthy of excellent reviews. Don’t believe it? Check out our reviews on Etsy here.

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  • We realize that sometimes someone needs to see a note written in your handwriting. So we decided to make it two options for your convenience.

  • Custom written messages that you type, and we print in one of our designers’ handwritten lettering fonts, we will mail that card with the custom message. See, no stamp needed, no post office waits. 

  • The blank card options allow you to choose one of our original designs. Purchase that card blank, and have it shipped to you so that you can handwrite your message and send them the card yourself.

    CardCraft Is Minority Owned

    At CardCraft, we celebrate diversity. We are a team of dedicated staff and designers that live all over our world. Our sole goal is to create beautiful greeting cards and postcards that embrace, broaden, encourage, and celebrate all the beauty in this life. 
    We hope that you find the perfect card if, by chance, you don’t let us know. We love hearing and being inspired by your ideas. Check out the CardCraft shop, and while your there, buy a card!